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Ph.D program of Agricultural Product Processing and Storage Engineering was acquired first by Jiangsu University in China¡­¡­[More]
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Centers or Institutes of Research
National R&D Center of Agricultural Product Processing Equipments
Jiangsu Provincial Research Center of Biological Processing and Separation Engineering of Agricultural Products
Jiangsu Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Food and Bioengineering
Jiangsu Provincial Key Lab of Physics Processing of Agricultural Products
Research center of non-destructive detection of food quality of JSU
Research center of functional food of JSU
Research center of food microbiology of JSU
Institute of super high pressure food of JSU
Institute of biological engineering of JSU
Institute of creative study of JSU
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In 1992, the equipment of supercritical CO2 extraction was developed by us. In 2010, we developed an industrial equipment of countercurrent multi-frequency ultrasound assisted enzymatic hydrolysis / extraction, and build a polypeptide production line.
A bioreactor coupling microfiltration membrane of high efficient cultivation of Lactobacillus developed by us. Subcritical fluid extraction equipment of wheat germ oil developed by us.