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Effectiveness of pulsed light treatment for disinfection of Aspergillusflavus and degradation and detoxification of aflatoxinsin rough rice and rice bran by Dr Wang Bei

Pulsed light (PL) treatment as a rapid surface decontamination method has the potential to conduct an effective disinfection of rough rice. The persistence of aflatoxins, the metabolites of Aspergillusflavus in rough rice is a major safety concern because of their high resistance to currently available decontamination techniques. Dr Wang treated rice by PL under different distances and times (Fig. 1). The inactivation effect was measured by counting colonies and the degradation of the molecules of aflatoxinsin rough rice samples was determined by HPLC analysis.Results indicated that PL followed by holding treatment for 4 h led to 5-log reduction for rough rice samples. The inactivation was achieved by damaging the cell wall structure (Fig. 2).PL treatment for 10 s resulted in a degradation of 96.6¡À7.8% and 91.7¡À2.3% ofaflatoxinB1 and B2, respectively for pure form (Fig. 3B);80 sresulted in 75.0% and 39.2%, respectivelyfor AFB1 and AFB2 in rough rice (Fig. 3A).Additionally, the toxicity and mutagenic potential of AFB1 and AFB2 were not detected after 10 s of PL treatment (Fig.4). It is concluded that the pulsed light has a promising potential to inactive the spores of Aspergillusflavus and destruct the aflatoxins in rough rice and inactivate their mutagenic activity.

 The related results have been published in peer-reviewed journals including Food Control, 2016,59: 461-467. Journal of Food Protection, 2014, 77(9): 1538-1545; Food Biophysics.DOI: 10.1007/s11483-014-9375-y




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