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Dr. Hai-yingCui found nano- antibacterial agent containing natural plant essential oil against the ¡°superbug¡± MRSA

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), known as one of the most famous "superbugs", is known to cause skin infections and respiratory disease. It leads to a mass of severe nosocomial infection, and has become the multiple drug resistant pathogenic bacteria threating human health on account of antibiotics. Dr. Cui found that cinnamon essential oil can kill MRSA biofilms effectively due to the subcellular size of nanoliposomes which can strengthen the passive absorption mechanism of cells and reduce the transport resistance of materials. The results have been published in the international academic journals Biofouling (IF=3.42, 1), RSC Advances (IF=3.84), and Food Control (IF=2.806, 2). Dr. Cui also was awarded Liangxi prize for forestry science and technology progress. This study laid a theoretical foundation for further application of nano- antibacterial agent containing essential oil.

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