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Lecture of Prof. Joe M. Regenstein for Visiting Jiangsu University


Joe M. Regenstein,
Prof. Joe M. Regenstein, Food Science Department of Cornell University, USA

Lecture for Students and Teachers
Title: The Total Utilization of Fish Waste
Time: May. 4th, 2017, 10:00 am.
Place: the No.3 lecture hall on the third floor of the Conference Center

Lecture for Teachers
Title: What Cornell¡¯s Food Science Department Does to be a Top-Notch Department
Time: May. 4th, 2017, 2:00 pm.
Place: the No.2 lecture hall on the first floor of the Conference Center

Introduction to Prof. Joe M. Regenstein:
Professor Joe M. Regenstein is a Professor Emeritus in the Food Science Department
of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, and had many achievements in the
fields of fisheries, especially fish collagen/gelatin and in the area of ethnic and
religious foods. Professor Regenstein has published over 100 SCI papers, 3 books,
and many chapters in academic monographs. He serves as the first editor-in-chief of
Food Bioscience (which has just been accepted by SCI) and also currently serves or
has served on the editorial board and/or as a peer reviewer for another 17 SCI
journals. Furthermore, Professor Regenstein had provided policy consultation for the
US congress as a Congressional Science Fellow in the US Congress.

The first talk is: ¡°The Total Utilization of Fish Waste¡±.  This talk will review a
number of options for dealing with the multiple waste streams generated by the
modern fish industry where filleting and skinning of fish is the norm. Products for
both human and animal feeding will be covered.

The second talk is: ¡°What Cornell¡¯s Food Science Department Does to be a
Top-Notch Department¡±. The Department of Food Science at Cornell is often ranked
number 1 among food science departments in the US. I would like to look at how our
department addresses the teaching, research, and extension (outreach) mission as both
a government operated university and a part of the Ivy League of private schools.

 (School of Food and Biological Engineering)

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