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Dr. Jian-Yong WU from Hong Kong Polytechnic University Delivered a Lecture

On May. 19, Dr. Jian-Yong WU from Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited Jiangsu University. Dr. Wu delivered an academic lecture entilted Composition, property and bioactivity relationships of fungal polysaccharides. Prof. Huang Xingyi, Vice Dean of School of Food and Biological Engineering, and some faculty members and students of the school attended the lecture.

Jian-Yong Wu is an associate professor in the department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received a B.A in Environmental Engineering, Hebei Institute of Chemical Engineering, an MS in Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. He joined the faculty in 1994 and is a member of the researchers in the field of functional foods. His research fields include biotechnology and bioprocesses of medicinal fungi and plant tissue cultures; functional food and medicinal chemistry (properties and bioactivities of natural polysaccharides); ultrasound-assisted extraction and processing of food and medicinal natural products; prebiotics, probiotics and gut microbiota. He published over 150 refereed journal papers (111 as corresponding author in SCI); >3700 Scopus citations and H-index 39 (Google Scholar: >5200 citations H-index 44) and presented over 70 conference papers (63 International; 10 invited talks). He has also served as referee (reviewing manuscripts) for >30 prominent SCI journals and awarded 2013 Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing from Biochem Eng Journal. He is editorial Board Member: Biotechnology Applied Biochemistry (since 2012).

(School of Food and Biological Engineering)

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